2018 Camp Tutti will be held Sunday July 1st to Sunday July 8th 2018

Camp musical Tutti for Adults - all levels

Why do so many adults join the Camp musical Tutti program? For personal enrichment and fun!

Improve your performance skills, or simply enhance your enjoyment of life by learning a new instrument or singing in a choir. Camp musical Tutti is truly an intergenerational music camp. Whatever your age, the common denominator that binds us all is a shared passion for music!

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Your customized schedule - at your pace

Camp Tutti offers adults flexible selections from our core and complementary programs so that you can customize your schedule according to your interests - at your pace. Immerse yourself in a week of musical enjoyment with our renowned staff teachers. And you'll appreciate the added luxury of having time to practice! The camp Tutti team will set up your schedule when you arrive at camp. Refer to the jam-packed schedule below simply as an example.

****NEW Flexi-Stay Program - Can't attend the full 8-day Camp musical Tutti? Don't miss out! With our Flexi-Stay Program, you select which days you'd like to attend! (must be consecutive days). Call for more information 514-486-8727
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Camp Tutti Gala Concert

Camp Gala Concert on Final Day
SUNDAY, JULY 08, 2018

The grand finale takes place on the last day of camp with our Gala Concert held in Bandeen Hall, a celebration of the fruition of learning of the camp week.

Tickets available in advance or at the door.
The more the merrier!

Visit our gallery for videos and photos of previous concerts and other events

Note for Parents & Grandparents & Family

Are you planning to become a camper at Camp musical Tutti along with your children/grandchildren and make it a family affair? What a wonderful way to project a positive role model for learning while sharing the experience!

  • If your child is 8 years old and under, you will be required to join in with their schedule at various times throughout the day. We can create your personal schedule of programs and activities that will work around your child's schedule.

  • If your child is 9 years old or more, you are at liberty build a full schedule of activities, at a pace and intensity of your choosing. Why should only the young ones have all the fun!

  • You can enjoy staying together in a double dorm room, or a single dorm room next door to your child's, or for larger families you can arrange to stay in an apartment-style dorm (subject to availability and additional cost). You can also organize your own lodging. Check out all the lodging options on and off campus for more ideas. visit page

  • Flexible choices to build your schedule with the activities you want to do. Only complementary activities - no problem. Only music - certainly. Both - that's wonderful!

Camp Tutti Program = Core + Complementary

Immerse yourself in music and fun at Camp Tutti

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Registration, Fees, and Lodging Information

Packed Customized Program

We create your schedule when you arrive at camp taking into consideration what you want, as well level & experience.

Performance Time

On several evenings, concerts by participants and staff offer many opportunities to perform or relax and be entertained.

Saturday Marathon - Sunday Gala Finale

A glorious celebration of all the wonderful accomplishments of the week!

For Parents with children attending camp

Join in and become a camper yourself. What a wonderful way to project a positive role model for learning while sharing a beautiful experience. Bravo!

Practice - what a treat

Adult lives tend to be hectic and demanding, making it difficult to find time to practice. While at Camp musical Tutti, you'll appreciate the added luxury of having time to practice built into your schedule!

Additional Lessons

Additional private lessons are available at $30 per half hour and can be arranged when you arrive at camp.